Model 88S High
Speed System

Higher Speed.
High Use Applications.
Bottling Applications

The BestCode Model 88S High Speed is targeted at higher speed, high use applications, printing 1, 2 or 3 lines of text, barcodes, or graphics. This model typically is used in high speed bottling applications such as large breweries and soda manufacturing. A complete range of dye and soft pigmented inks available and specialized inks for bottling applications including caustic washable inks for glass and plastics.

Print real-time

Best By, Lot Code, Sell By, Expiration Codes
and other identifying marks to any substrate.

Lines of Print

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of text, graphics and barcodes

Image Height

From .06" (1.5 mm) to .75" (19 mm)

Non-Contact Printing

Ink throw distances from .5" (10mm) up to 2" (50mm)

Print Speeds

  • single line of print up to 1600 feet/minutes (500 meters/minute)

  • two lines of print up to 420 feet/minutes (130 meters/minute)

  • three lines of print up to 210 feet/minutes (65 meters/minute)

  • four lines of print up to 150 feet/minutes (45 meters/minute)

  • five lines of print up to 135 feet/minutes (42 meters/minute)

BestCode in Action

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