Stay connected with CodeConnect

BestCode Series 8 systems feature integrated USB, RS232, multiple programmable inputs and outputs and optional Ethernet communications for network connectivity allowing integration into any application.

Universal Serial Bus-USB.

Use CodeConnect USB! Connect with integrated as standard USB. Backup, restore, move, and carry system files wherever you go. Share machine files easily between printing systems and accomplish system firmware updates without having to connect to a PC.


Ethernet. Using CodeConnect IP addressable Ethernet, systems can be integrated into networks, or controlled via web browsers for operation locally or remotely via the Internet. Have total control of your system from the Internet via a virtual web browser user interface.

RS232. Connect to a PC for an integrated custom machine interface or local control, a weigh scale for printing real-time weight information, use bar code scan guns for scan and shoot operation allowing messages to be recalled without pressing a button.


Inputs/Outputs. A parallel connection of eight inputs provide up to 256 possible message selections for on-the-fly remote message selection. Additional features include, reverse message printing, message orientation, product count reset, and print enable/disable. Programmable outputs, including a solid-state relay provide the ability to communicate warning and system fault conditions.

Protocol. CodeConnect remote communication control features an XML command set for remote setup of system settings, message settings, and commands to communicate system status and control operation.